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iPEM™ is an ion-pair HT-PEM suitable for use in high-temperature electrochemical devices such as fuel cells and hydrogen pumps. iPEM™ can operate across a wide-temperature range (-20°C to 250°C) without humidification and has excellent stability at 200 °C* in fuel cells and hydrogen pumps. It is also stable at 40% RH at 80 °C.


* Based on longevity testing of 100 hours


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iPEM™ High-Temperature Polymer Electrolyte Membrane

SKU: 102
  • Membrane Properties

    Membrane type

    Proton exchange



    Size, Thickness

    15cm x 15cm, 60 μm ± 15 μm

    Ionic conductivity without


    > 100 mS cm-1 at 150 °C

  • Final Sale

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