Ionomer Solutions manufactures ionomer materials, primarily membranes, dispersions, and porous ion-exchange resins, for various electrochemical technologies used in chemical manufacturing, separations, deionization, fuel cells, electrolysis, flow batteries, and supercapacitors.



iPEM™ Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Technology

Proton exchange membranes (PEMs) that operate over a wide-temperature range (-40 to 220 °C) without humidification. These membranes are primarily used for high temperature PEM fuel cells, hydrogen pumps, and supercapacitors. 

U.S. Patent Application # 62/656,538

Publication 1 and 2 on this technology

Bipolar membranes (BPMs) that have a low overpotential for water-splitting and that are stable at extreme pHs (0 and 14) and at elevated temperatures. These membranes are primarily used in electrodialysis, electrodeionization, and electrolysis setups

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Ion Exchange Resin Wafer Technology

Porous, ion-exchange resin wafers that have low electrical resistance through the use of proprietary ionomer binder adhesives. These resin wafers are also available with bipolar junctions for water-splitting and accelerated resin regeneration. These resin wafers are primarily used in electrodeionization setups.

U.S. Patent Application # 62/971,141

Publication 1 and 2 on this technology.

pSOL™ Polymer Electrolyte Dispersion Technology

Polymer electrolyte dispersions, both anion and cation conducting, in various organic solvents for use as electrode and ion-exchange resin binders. These materials are solution processable and can be supplied at various solution concentrations and ion-exchange capacity values. 



Chris Arges, PhD

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Chris is passionate about ion-containing polymers for electrochemical technologies. He is a firm believer that electrochemical systems, which can be integrated with electrified renewable energy sources like solar and wind, will play prominent role in combating climate disruption and enabling a sustainable civilization. Chris co-founded Ionomer Solutions with the ultimate goal to develop and manufacture polymer electrolyte materials for customers and strategic partners that lead to technological breakthroughs in water treatment, chemical manufacturing, and energy storage and conversion.  He is currently an Assistant Professor in Chemical Engineering at LSU and is the recipient of 3M’s Non-Tenured Faculty Award and LSU Alumni Association Rising Faculty Research Award. Chris has over 40 peer-reviewed publications, some in leading journals such as PNAS, Nano Letters, ACS Nano, and JACS, and has won external funding as the lead PI from the National Science Foundation and U.S. Department of Energy.


Hiral Arges, MBA

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Hiral has extensive experience working on start-ups in multiple industries including technology, healthcare, manufacturing, business development, and operations at Apple, food company Simple Mills, and Seva Salons located inside Walmart. She is passionate about growing companies to their full potential. She also has corporate experience working in finance, accounting, healthcare, and strategy consulting.


Prashant Acharya, PhD
Lead Engineer

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Prashant is a chemical engineer with a strong research background in electrochemical systems for renewable-energy and electrocatalysis. He is passionate about being at the forefront of cutting-edge research and bringing innovative technologies into the broader market.




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